Fire of the Phoenix: Initiation

Transform Your Life with the Ancient Spiritual Wisdom of India, Australia, and Peru            

                     by Tanya S. Lenz                           


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Fire of the Phoenix: Initiation recounts a series of initiatory adventures, journeys, and dreams that span three continents and as many ancient wisdom traditions. In India, you’ll traverse the lower world of death and shadow, guided by a cast of Hindu gods and goddesses. In Australia, you’ll travel through the middle world of mother Earth and dreams, guided by Aboriginal elders and Dreamtime beings. In Peru, you are delivered into the upper world of light and spirit guided by Q’ero shamans, descendants of the Inca. In the spirit of the best initiation stories, Fire of the Phoenix: Initiation blends travel memoir, expert storytelling, spiritual history, step-by-step exercises, and essential practices to guide you through your own inner journey. At once entertaining and informative, practical and mystical, transformative and brimming with enduring wisdom, the author weaves together past and present to lay pathways for a new world future. A healing adventure for heart and soul not to be missed!


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