Soul Dust Academy Courses

You were meant to live the life of your dreams. After all, only you have your unique dreams--no one else. You and only you were meant to live them. Getting there -- to the point where you wake up to find that you're living your dreams -- is all an inside job. In other words, we must wrestle with our inner demons, conquer our inner fears, and climb our inner mountains in order to manifest the life we wish to live. We all have different external and internal factors with which to deal, but it all comes down to inner work.

All Soul Dust Academy courses are designed to assist you with these inner processes. The courses listed here are intensives designed around a particular topic or area. Taking these courses does require a measure of committment and motivation. As the courses involve exercises that you'll learn and then practice and apply in your everyday life, I recommend devoting at least one week to each session. 

Watch the video on, say, a Sunday, and then engage in the exercises and practices throughout the week. This approach is often manageble if you are already busy with work, school, and family. Schedule some time for yourself and your own inner work too -- it's at least as important as the other activities you have scheduled. Lasting change takes our time and energy, but is so very rewarding!

Check back often, as we'll be adding more courses over time. We may also change and switch out courses periodically, so if you see a course that interests you, begin it now.

Currently available courses:

The Jewel Within: Healing, Opening, and Living Through Your Heart

Learn the Ancient Art of Tarot

Shamanic Journeying

Energy Anatomy