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Energy healing occurs at the level of the luminous (or energy) body and in the realm of the soul. Healing of the mind, emotions, and physical body naturally follow. The energetic approach to healing is often ideal for chronic conditions, whereas more mainstream medical practices are better suited for emergencies.

Energy, or shamanic, healing also works well as complementary medicine, alongside other modalities that may focus more directly on the mind or the physical body. It facilitates healing by acting as a bridge between you, your energy, and spirit. This facilitation is necessary for healing, as it is often difficult to heal completely by ourselves.

Energy medicine can dramatically improve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. It can assist with depression, sadness, anxiety, disease, pain, unhealthy relationship patterns, a feeling of being lost or stuck. Shifts often happen quickly, relative to other modalities. One session of shamanic energy medicine can achieve what might take years to accomplish using another modality. Shamanic energy medicine can also remove blocks to living your best life and assist with major life transitions.

What's in a session

Each session is as unique as our individual circumstances. Each unfolds exactly as it should, and may include any of the techniques described below. Typically we begin with a brief talk about what you would like to heal or shift in your life. I then release heavy energy from your luminous body, erasing imprints that cause disease and replacing them with light. I may also extract energies that do not serve you and return lost soul parts to you. Sessions conclude with a map and other resources to guide you in stepping into your new way of living. More detailed descriptions of these processes follow below.


The Illumination is the basic healing process for clearing imprints from the luminous body. It is the foundation of all healing sessions. The luminous body contains imprints that can affect the chakras with heavy, dark energy. Over time these imprints can cause disease in the mental, emotional, and physical bodies. Symptoms that indicate an Illumination may be needed include: wanting to move forward in your life but not knowing how persistent sadness, fear, or anxiety disease or pain lifestyle habits that you wish to change low energy feeling imbalanced (ungrounded or weighed down, for example). During the Illumination process, we work with breath and intent to remove heavy energy from the chakra and then overwrite the imprint with light. When the imprint is erased in this way, you are no longer informed by the past.


Crystallized or intrusive energies become lodged in our bodies more often than we would like to think. Crystallized energies can result from strong emotions such as anger, jealousy, fear, or rage that someone directs toward us or we direct toward ourselves. Surgery and physical trauma may also leave behind crystallized energies. Intrusive energies can take up residence in our central nervous system. They can be a past lifetime vying for neurological order or a loved one who has passed on. These energies are drawn to us because of an affinity. The healing first releases the crystallized or intrusive energy and then changes the affinity for them.

Soul retrieval

From the shamanic perspective you have many soul parts, or essences of yourself. A soul part can leave in response to trauma, betrayal, abuse, or any situation that is not safe. It leaves in order to remain whole, and so the rest of you can survive. In the long term, however, living without essential parts of ourselves is often difficult and painful. We cannot be whole or live whole/healed/healthy lives with parts of our soul scattered outside of us. Soul retrieval is an ancient healing practice that involves the shaman locating a lost soul part and returning it to you, often with gifts of personal power. We then work together to integrate the soul part and create a map for stepping into your new life.

Destiny retrieval

Destiny retrieval is an empowering energetic connection or reconnection to your destiny in the world. An unmatched means of boosting yourself forward in the direction of your dreams, destiny retrieval is inspiring and life changing. However, it is not a replacement for healing. Often we must first heal before we can step authentically and fully into our destiny. 

Power animal retrieval

We can lose our connection with a power animal due to any number of life circumstances. As with soul loss, it can leave us feeling depleted, without motivation or direction, defenseless, and vulnerable. Once our power animal returns, we may again benefit from the gifts and teachings it brings.

How to prepare for your energy medicine session

The moment you decide to have an energy medicine session, shifts begin in support of your healing. Consider carefully what you want to shift or heal in your life, and bring that with you to the session.

For the session itself, find a space where you feel comfortable and safe and won’t be interrupted by phones, pets, neighbors, family members, and other disturbances. If you have a headset for your phone, consider using it for the session, so you’re free to relax. Have a blanket by your side in case you get cold. You may also wish to have a pen and paper available, if you wish to take some notes.

Scheduling and payment

Individual energy medicine sessions are US$165 and approximately 60 minutes in length. If you live in the United States, Tanya will call you at the phone number you provide in the online form. If you live outside the United States, she will call you via Skype. Please provide your Skype ID when you book your session online. Soul Dust Academy accepts credit or debit card payments via PayPal (no PayPal account required).

To book a session, you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Alternatively, to book a session online yourself, we have set up a simple 3-step process for you:

Step 1: Click on the button below. Fill out your personal information, providing the phone number where you’d like me to reach you for the session. If you live outside the U.S., please provide your Skype ID.
Step 2: Pay through PayPal. Credit cards are accepted, and a PayPal account is not required.
Step 3: Upon payment, you’ll be able to login to the website and access Tanya's scheduling calendar. Choose a day and time that works for you, and she will call you at the number you provided in Step 1. Note that the booking calendar is in Pacific time. If you live in a different time zone, please visit an online time zone converter to make sure we connect. 


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“Thank you so much for helping to balance my energy. You helped to clear my mind and body in such a gentle way. I can't wait for the next treatment!” —G.H.

“After the last session I finally moved forward in ways that I hadn't been able to before, despite everything I had tried.” —J.G.

“Since the soul retrieval, I have been having sustained joy. It has been so wonderful to be out from under the weight of that grief.” —A.H.

“Thanks so much for that work, that was more intense than I thought. It felt amazing, all the energy shifting and being released from my body. Thanks for introducing me to your awesome practice.” —E.R.

“It’s been really powerful. Your treatment has helped dramatically!” —M.N.

“You totally energetically recharged me so I’m already doing some new things and accomplishing things that I never would have believed possible.” —R.R.


Soul Dust Academy Courses and Individual Sessions

Energy medicine and coaching sessions work extremely well together with the Soul Dust Academy video courses, as the courses provide the day-to-day, practical, detailed support that is necessary to anchor your energetic shift and new way of life and living. Subscribe now to start learning with full access to the Soul Dust Academy library of video courses.